Friday, December 31, 2010

The Time To Follow Your Dreams

Fantastic letter blocks by Ditto

Is now... right NOW!

As 2010 draws to a close, I find I am pondering many things, but mostly how lucky I am that I found my calling, and that it is true and right for me. For the longest time before I started my business, I wasn't sure exactly what my calling was. Oh, I had many promising interests and loves, but they seemed to walk hand in hand with my doubts and misgivings. Fortunately, something changed all that.

It was about 5 years ago, a friend came to visit us, who had been experiencing some major health problems. Through one situation after another, our friend had an encounter with angels, which guided his full recovery and changed his life forever. Of course, I had to share my angel story with him. I also told him that I didn't know what the angels message was for me, as I was so petrified the night the angels came to visit me that I was unable to hear their message. He encouraged me to set a date, and to call my angels back and ask them to share their message with me. So, nervously and shakily, I promised, I set the date and put it on my calendar.

The night came, I recreated my necessary environment as best I could. I kicked the boys out of their bunkbed (lovingly!), and went to sleep up top. Certainly, I was called awake in the middle of the night. And I received the message I'd been waiting for: Do what I know best, listen to my heart, and follow it forever... Wow. Is that it?? Could it really be as simple as that??!

Well, then and there is when I began. I stopped living for what I thought others wanted of me, and began living for what I know is best for me. The very next year is when I put myself out there with Val's Art Studio, and the rest is (I guess) history. Or, at least it's history in the making!

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because I am so glad I finally did it, I finally began following my dream. True, I was in my mid-40s... but heck! Better late than never! I am meeting so many fine people in this fantastic handcrafted world, and I am kinda' jealous of those people who are so much younger, and they are already following their dream. Just look at how much longer they get to enjoy doing what they truly love to do!

So, that's my message for you as this last light of 2010 draws to a close. If you are on the fence about what your heart is telling you, I hope you will take a leap - do it now. I think we are happiest when we truly listen to the wisdom of our heart, and follow what it tells us to do. Get ready to live your best and most fulfilling life ever, with your heart in the drivers seat!

Happy New Year, Happy New You! Happy 2011 too! (Please be safe tonight!)


TUTU Monkey said...

I am doing some soul searching!! Thanks for the great post Val!!

junelle said...

Yes and Amen sister! I love that you are here and doing this and sharing, too. Love it.

I have the same wild passionate call on my life and love it when the validation comes that the path isn't complicated...just walk one foot in front of the other...

I adore you and all you do~