Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Did I tell you I have two new assistants? Yep, they are both doing an awesome job of assimilating all the information I'm throwing at them. And, there's a lot! ... between the needle felting duties, and all the sewing, I'm keeping the girls busy, busy, busy. I have fall shows lined up every 2-3 weeks between now and Christmas, so we are "in the mode" around here! I hope to be able to feature the girls soon here, but I do have one camera-shy girl, so we will wait til she's ready before we "go live" on her... :o)

We have been able to develop A PATTERN from one of my designs. It's a real pattern, and I have tried it out, and the garment turned out perfectly! Hooray! This is my Swing Vest, and I'm showing you a sneak peak here because it's not 100% complete... it hasn't been embellished yet. The front will get a needle felted bird... and the back? Take a look:

This will be a feature piece for me at this weekend's Coronado Art Walk. I hope you will come and say hi! Look for me down by the bay, just right of the entrance to the Ferry pier. I'm updating the look of my booth too, so everything is in line with looking more handmade and clever....

x, Val

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