Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ready... set... GO!

Whether I am ready or not... the days and weeks keep coming and going, and all the sudden, the FALL SHOWS are soon upon me!

Last year, the Coronado Art Walk proved to be a great show for me, and even though I wasn't crazy busy, I was known as the booth that sold those cute Toasts! People walked up announcing "Here are those Toast pillows we've been hearing about!" Ok, that's music to my ears!

So, this year, there are Toast, and Pirate Toast, and Mustache Toast, and those incredibly cute Hairdo Toast... plus Teeth... and Friendlys... wow, when I measure the changes that have happened in my studio in one year's time, it's mind boggling to me...

This year I am changing the appearance of my booth... stay tuned and I hope to give you a sneak preview of it soon!

Happy Labor Day, and hope you are having a great holiday weekend :o)
x, Val

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