Friday, October 21, 2011

felted wooly distractions

Patchwork Quillow from The Purl Bee

Wooly Love... it's a good distraction. Especially since I've been trying to put the post together describing my Big Perfection Helper, that I talked about here. I've needed distractions. This has been a tough week in the Hebert teen department. I'd like to be able to talk about it, but it's just too rough and raw for me right now... give me distractions. Oh, how I need them.

I do so love The Purl Bee, don't you? I'm so distracted right now, (rightfully so!) that I'm about to order up all the felted wool Mary Flanigan has to offer. Whatever I don't use to make my Patchwork Quillow will go towards Friendlys, yes, don't you know... (wink, do you see how I justify my wooly distractions over here?!)

So there, you Hebert teens, YOU. Take THAT, and don't question me in a few years time when there's no college savings account. I'm spending it all on WOOL!

Ok, deep breath... wooly goodness. yes...

x, (one distracted) Val

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Marfa said...

Yes, I do love the Purl Bee, although I've only ordered yarn from them...I've thought about getting their felt, since it's real wool not the fake stuff you get at most stores. Real wool really make me want some.