Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stuck on you

Urrgh... it's happening to me again. I'm so stuck on you... dang it all!

I ordered the Mary Flanagan textured mini wool bundles from Purl Soho in a recent late night pity party. (pity party action is here, and what I consoled myself with here) The package arrived last week, late afternoon. Everything just screeched to an abrupt halt in the studio... (rolling eyes)

See that luscious big checkered felt on the bottom of the stack? Do you see where it landed in this oh-so-cute little girls jumper? Yep. It was the sole reason this jumper came into being. Something
super special had to get happenin' with that luscious felt. I didn't stop there. Oh no...

From there I moved towards a lovely shift. See how it all came together so nicely? I only spent about 1/2 a day on finding just the right shades of sweater wool to go matching the textured bundles. (Oh, dang you, Mary Flanagan! I am just so stuck on you now!)

Yes, I know, there could be things lots worse than this.

So, how about you? Do you get hopelessly stuck on things too, so that everything just come to a big ol' halt until you can get it out of your system? I know it's the creative artist in us, and it is really a very good thing. For where else would we find inspiration if there weren't things that just stopped us dead in our tracks, and make us pay attention?!

Here's to making artistic headway...

x, Val

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