Friday, February 10, 2012

New Classes at Paper Tales!

Yep, classes! Hooray! The first class is Sat, Feb, 11 (um, kinda today... sorry for the late notice), but it's already filled up, so don't feel like you are missing out. We are working on a new date to run this class again. Call over to Paper Tales 619-222-2510, and tell them you must know the new class date, so you can sign up right away! Hurry up, because the last class filled up in about a minute.

The next class will be Super-duper Sweet Birds or Owls Sitting on a Cage. Aren't they cute?! I know I only have pictures of the birds, because the owls aren't even done yet... what can I say? Life has been throwing me lots of curve balls lately... This class will run on Sat, Feb 25th from 1-4. Plenty of spots are still open in this class, so give those girls at Paper Tales a call and sign yourself up!

Each class is $35, and includes one kit for you to complete the project in class, and wear your creation home! Extra kits will be available for purchase during the class so you can practice those new needle felting skills on your own.

Remember to bring the following supplies to class!
  • Needle felting foam mat (not the brush style mat)
  • Green 5 needle tool
  • "Pink pen" 3 needle tool
  • Replacement needles by Clover, "Fine" size
  • A pair of small sharp scissors
  • Jewelry making tools; 2 needle nose pliers and a small wire cutter (you can use mine if you don't have them)
I can't wait to see you in a class very soon. Save some room for a cookie or two :o)
x, Val


Marfa said...

I ♥ those heart felt necklaces...and birds....have a wonderful class today!!!

Anonymous said...

Those bird and cage earrings are completely gorgeous!! =)

505whimsygirl said...

Too bad I'm not closer -- to even consider taking a class in the future. I just checked out your shop to see if you have any of those sweet heart necklaces for sale - will you be selling any? Just curious.


PS Countdown to our e-course with Junelle and Christy. Can't wait!!

Valerie said...

Oh, Kay, it just occurred to me that I need to have them in the shop... duh! Where's my mind at these days?? I have them in my local shop. but yes, will list them in my etsy shop this week!
x, Val
PS. Me too, I can't wait for the class to begin! THough I'm so struggling to keep up with the Hello Soul Hello Business class. What was I thinking to take 2 classes at once???