Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunny day love

Art journal piece created from The Art of Wild Abandonment class

I think, years from now, when I look back on today... on where I am in this part of my life, I will see myself as if I am in a great fog... a huge many months of June gloom*, just wistful and waiting for the sun to come out again. I thought I'd be able to regain balance quickly once Drew was safely ensconced in Az, with people who could help him come out from under the rock he's buried himself. On some days, the clouds part and I see a bit of sun, and my energy seems slightly restored. On these days, I press forward, and engage myself in my old way of being... I commit myself to tasks, and meet people I haven't seen in a while. Often, these activities take it out of me, and I seem to quickly retreat. Once again, I find myself back amongst the fog and gloom.

I am by nature a sunny day lover, always looking towards the future with hopefulness, goodness, and a calm peaceful spirit. Lately, life's pathway has taken me down a muddled, unsure road. I try to be patient with myself, and give myself time and space to heal. Seemingly, it's not happening on my timeframe. Uggh. I will it to happen, will the sun to return, will the grace of a peaceful heart back inside my being.

Won't you please, please hurry up?

I'm working on the soul of my garden, and planting it with Peace, Love, Grace, Truth and ... ummm, ....I'm willing the Joy to return. Won't you come back and join me, Miss Joy? Please? I will so welcome you back with open arms.

x, Val

*as they call June in coastal Southern California, when the inland desert heats up, and pulls the coolness of the ocean inward in the way of fog and low clouds. Depressing for me, but others love the cool, cloudy days.


Chrissy Farnan said...

I love this page and the use of the fibers with the paint etc.. Lovely!

visiting from the Art of Wild Abandonment.

Mieke said...

Woww, this is so geourgeous!!!