Monday, May 21, 2012

Prickly progressions

Seems to be that kind of day... that kind of week. After returning home from our wonderful visit with Drew in Az last week, things just turned kind of ... well, prickly. Not only for us, but for others close to me too. And my days seem to be caught up in pulling thorns out of my feet so I can walk steady once again...

I have been working towards peacefulness and acceptance of "the stuff" in my life, and amongst the mercies of Pema's writings, have lately returned to a place of compassionate self love. I find it's easier to navigate the challenges life places in our path when we loosen up those deep rooted patterns of attachment, give them a solid look, and then set them free.  It's not easy, but I'm better about it now....

 I just look at the next fear or challenge, size it up, take a deep breath, and walk slowly towards it.

Lynda Watson's dimensional felted cactus brooch. Isn't it beautiful?
Here are some ways that I'm dealing with my "roadblocks" today:
  • We have no way of knowing what we will be faced with tomorrow so we must trust what God hands us today, and know that we are on the right true and correct path, and that tomorrow it may all make sense.
  • When what we are faced with looks ugly and difficult, we can try to break it down into something that feels simple and basic, and that might be an easier way to look at it.
  • If it looks really bad, see if we can find a little bit of "acceptable" in it...
  • Or, perhaps we can look at how it is challenging us, and work on finding the peace in that by stepping into the challenge. 
  • A new twist can mean more work, but if we can just put our head down (like a work horse) and start getting what must be done, done. If we feel like we need a break, take one, and treat ourself with kindness, but then start the task. 
  • If we feel the need to escape, take some time in offering compassion towards ourself, and try to sit quietly with our feelings. 
And the one that seems to be my number one strength and guide: 

Visualize our fears in a bubble, and gently push them away with a feather.

Just hope they don't land on a prickly cactus and the bubble pops! LOL

Hope your week is prickly-free :o)
x, Val

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