Thursday, November 7, 2013

Queen Bee Wrapup

Red-Necked Tanager Needlefelt by Val's Art Studio
Woodland Owl Needlefelt by Val's Art Studio
I do love doing shows. It gives me a break from work, work, working away in my studio. It gets me out into the light of day, and it gets me talking to people. Wow, think of that! Even though it was always a dream of mine to do what I now do, meaning being a working artist, it does make for rather quiet, solitary days. I don't mind that a bit. But the break is always nice!

The other thing I like about the shows is when people ask me for something specific. My sweet bird hoops (look here too) were a popular item at this past weekend's market. But then there's always the rogue question: "Do you have these with owls on them?" And my mind quickly goes to 'now, why didn't I think of that?!' So, now I will be doing a few owls, And a few holiday appropriate themed hoops too. I'm thinking about snowmen. Snowmen with birds… snowmen on scooters. Kooky snowmen, oh heck! Stay tuned…

And my next show is coming up in just a few weeks. Talmadge is on Sunday, Nov 24. Mark your calendars!

x, Val

PS. You can find my newest hoops in my Etsy shop (along with some super cute snowmen hoops too) by clicking here.

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