Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy, continued

Nine days and counting, yes, 9. Out of the ten sewn garments I need to have finished by the Style Awards Fashion Show... yes, 10... I am currently on number 6 right now, it's about 40% completed. #7 is nearly designed, and should go together fairly easily. Numbers 8 and 9 are the outfit for the 10 year old girl, still pretty much undesigned... just a bunch of sketches at this stage. Then, there's #10 - the piece de resistance (pee-ace day ree-sis-taunce, say it slowly). It's what I am going to wear :o) I am most excited about this one, but am most unsure about it's construction at this stage of the production. Things always manage to come together somehow. It's still just a sketch in my head, sweaters on the floor, and miscellaneous silk scarves floating about in a confusion of colors. I can't wait to get this one finished and post it so you can see it!!!

Okay, I'm keeping the kids outfits secret until the show, when I will show them off all at once, so you can see the entire line. Yes, I said "line"! I'm so excited I'm making a whole line of clothing for the show, I can't stand it!!

So, I should be sewing, but I'm taking a little blog break, in order to show you a little of the other things that have been going on in the studio. Here goes...

Meet Michelle!!! She's my awesome new helper. Michelle worked for/with me at Artrageous, but had to be let go when the Del Mar store closed due to the economy. We thought she was leaving town, but come to find out she's still here, and looking for a job. So, I told her I'd keep her employed at my home office for as long as I can afford to/she wants to work/learn what I do, etc! Here Michelle was working hard trying to duplicate the essence of Toast, and I think she got it just right, don't you?! Welcome, Michelle!

Meet my new Needle Felting machine, the
infamous BabyLock Embellisher! Woo hoo! I am sooo excited about this addition to my studio, and how it brings a measure of relief to my poor, aching shoulders.

Next, something in the jewelry department, my newest needle felted earring design. I've stumbled upon a new bead design that I really like. I call these "From the Outer Galaxy". Don't they look like something that would be worn by an extra pretty automaton woman?! I'm thinking on the order of Outer Limits. Okay, maybe not that severe. How about on the lines of what Judy Jetson would wear? That's more like it!! Humm, I think you can see these details more in real life than in the picture. I'm talking about the pink earrings, in any case...

Now, this next photo on the right is one of my sculpted felt necklaces that can also be worn as a brooch. I'm a little bit on the fence about the pink flower color, 'cause I think the pink is too strong... or maybe takes too much attention from the lovely green leaves... I don't know what it is. But, it's an "in progress" piece, and will probably be changed up to suit itself just right later on today. I am hoping to have one or two of these lovely creations completed by this weekend, and the art opening at Art n' Soul. Don't forget, it's this Saturday night in Encinitas!

Last but not least, here's how things were coming together on my cutting station of the table. I glanced up and saw that the Pirate toast pillow had gotten wedged under sweater fabric I was about to cut. With the turtleneck, and the sleeves pointing up, as if to say "Oh My!" I nearly stopped and declared the piece to be a dress, for a pirate girl no less! But, no time for wayward designs right now. Best get back to the cutting table, and turn that "dress" into the vest it's intended to become.

Stay tuned for more excitement and busyness, continued yet again! Thanks for checking in, and for sharing my excitement about Val's Art Studio in the Style Awards Show!!


vesna said...

excellent work michelle!Needle felting machine..uauu..I didn't know for this.

sandra said...

Lots of good wishes on your Art Show this weekend Val...I know its going to be fun! Happy Spring!