Scene 7 of the Style Awards Fashion Show-The Kids!

It's pretty boring to see nothing but a black screen at the start of that last post, so I'll put the Scene 7 video of the kids on the runway at the end of this post...

Well, to say the least, Friday night at the Style Awards Fashion Show 2010 was definitely one of the best nights of my life! I really thought I was going to start crying when the kids came out on the catwalk! My clothes were "on" first, followed by Heather Haas and her sister Kit's line from Five Loaves Two Fish. I enjoyed every single moment of the entire event, from the fancy sophisticates and their "arrivals", the models being coiffed and groomed according to the designers fancy (my models too!), to being photographed by several magazines, to showing off the beautiful showroom setup to my husband, mom and friends who came... up until about 11:30 when I was desperate to remove those dang high heels!! But, my friend Judy warned me NOT to change into flats, she said my only recourse was to walk out barefoot. Believe me, it took all of my will to not do just that! I'm finally feeling a bit more normal today, and the feeling is beginning to return in the middle toe in my left foot. Yikes, those shoes were killers!

Here's my favorite picture of the night; the four kids who modeled my creations backstage
just before "Scene 7", the section of the show called Stand Up For Kids. Sabrina B. is on the left, then Sundra, then Sabrina D, and her brother Michael. Don't they look incredible?!

I really worked hard to
bring my entire line together with colors, patterns and texture. The fabric I found for the skirt and pants (Michael's and Sabrina's outfits) is a wonderful Japanese linen fabric, with a lovely weight and drape. Judy ofJudipatudi Fabrics is looking into carrying that lovely line in her fabric shop at The Grove.

The other tricky factor was in finding
wool and cashmere sweaters in the color groups I wanted. Let me tell you, this was no easy feat! There are about a million different turquoises, greens and peaches, and there's no guarantee the ones I find at my local thrift store, or the one's my sweater shoppers find at their local thrift stores, will match each other. So, consequentially, I have lots and lots of orange and teal sweaters right now! The ones I used for the show have been hacked up into the smallest tiny bits, and are all used up!

Well, all in all it was a hugely rewarding experience, and one I won't forget anytime soon. As far as the top I
created for myself, I was very proud to wear it, but feel it needs a few modifications. I'm going to make another one based on my experience with the first one. Who knows, I might actually create a pattern, and maybe I'll blog about it too. It's a great example of how things come together in my mind on the pattern making and creation process using recycled wool. I have a big event in Rancho Santa Fe in two weeks, so that gives me the perfect amount of time to perfect this lovely pattern. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement in my standing up in my two tall towers!

Last, but not least... that video... Well, I've been working on this post on and off for the last two hours, and that video has been loading this whole time! I'm going to give it a bit longer to see if it will finish up. Sheesh. The video isn't THAT long. If I can't get it to load, I'll have to reduce the size and try to reload, or load it to YouTube, and link it here... Ok, I'm tired of waiting... **UPDATE** Video is now loaded. Click here to view.