Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Love What's Happening Over Here!

Photo courtesy of Impress on me

It's been busy, and we are extra tired, but it's all really good. Check it out with me...

- Change Drew and Kyle's room from little boys to teen boys room, check!
- New bedding for Drew and Kyle's room, check!
- New rug for master bedroom, check!
- Paint kitchen, check!
- Paint hall, check!
- Paint guest room, check!
- Touch up all interior woodwork, check!
- Paint exterior trim, check!
- Paint front gate and garage door, check!
- Wash down all interior walls, check!
- Buy new bed sheets at TJ Maxx (what a deal!), check!
- Revamp gardens, check!
- Power wash back patio, check!
- Have builders build exterior front wall, check!
- Design water feature for exterior wall, check!
And last but not least...
- Fall into bed every night utterly exhausted, but loving what you've accomplished for the day. Oh yes... check!


Heather said...

Wow, are sure the 'go-to girl' when renovations need to be done! (Too bad I didn't know that before I started my studio re-do!!)
Well done!! Now your renters will be able to feel the love and care you put into it, and it will be lovely for you when you get home, again, too!!
Will you be staying with relatives for the summer? XXO-

Valerie said...

Thanks Heather! You get the picture :o) Yes, we'll be staying in the guest unit at my mom's house, just 3 blocks from our home. It's very easy over there, and it's great to be so close to my mom for the month.