Monday, March 22, 2010

Breakneck Speed

Yes, that's about what my neck is doing right about now... breaking. But, please don't tell my head about it, I just don't want to give myself any unwanted ideas, or a reason for a problem! Lord only knows, I do not need a repeat of what happened 4 days before Artisans' Alley; door slammed by a car when riding my bike. I am being extra careful, giving myself a wide berth around any cars, and attempting to stop and stretch my neck and shoulders throughout the day. I think it's working, and I'm keeping myself on track body-wise, at least so far.

So, with 4 days to go until the Style Awards Fashion Show, I have managed to complete the four main outfits, tops, bottoms, socks, and only still have to worry about accessories. I have one more boys vest to make, and my special top. But, I have found some glorious super high heeled shoes (I NEVER wear these, but this is a special occasion, right?!). I have to loose a tiny bit of weight to fit into my skinniest green pants, and Marcia finished my Under the Mast necklace for me so I can wear it on Friday night, hooray!!! I am getting SOOO excited! Yep, bleary eyed and near exhaustion, but so excited. :o) Stay tuned, photos of my creations are coming very soon!

Well, just in time for a little break, my long awaited copy of Poetry in Stitches arrived today in the mail. I preordered this lovely book about 6 or 7 months ago, and it finally came. This is truly the type of knitting and designing I'm meant to do. I must have been Scandinavian in my last life, because I cannot resist this lovely way of working wool. This book is sure to be an inspiration to me for months and years to come. I can't wait until I have a bit of free time, and less on my knitting needles awaiting my attention, so I can begin one of these lovelies.

The designer's inspirations are glorious, and I love how they are photographed and paired with the most beautiful and creative of sweater creations. One is more lovely than the next.

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