Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cute overload

Have you had your daily dose of Cute yet today? Well, get ready... 'cause, here it comes...

I'm here to tell you it does happen! 
Cute overload... 
Symptoms include:
  • cheeks that hurt too much from smiling 
  • people looking at you strangely due to you sitting alone and laughing out loud 
  • happy squeals escaping involuntarily at inappropriate times 
  • new crease lines around the eyes from excess smiling 
  • waking up to realize you've had happy dreams 
  • an overall rosy outlook on life :o)

Let's just agree that there are many worse things in life, right?

Happy cutes!

PS. This cutie pie Bumble Bee in a Happy Donut car will be an upcoming class. Details coming soon over on my Classes webpage

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Technology frustrations

This sweet hunny bunny has no blips or malfunction, she is simply here to perk us up and make us smile!

Today, I woke up with chills, soreness behind my eyes, and a scratchy throat, so I just stayed in bed. I'm drinking lots of tea and staying warm. I hope I get better by tomorrow night because my teen and I are flying to AZ bright and early on Thursday morning for our first college visit at ASU. I admit, I am pretty excited about this and I don't want to be sick.

So I thought I'd spend some time today while in bed exploring my brand new iPhone 6S+. It's that giant phone that used to look so huge, but now it just looks normal. I've always had iPhones, so I've come to expect perfection straight out of the box. But I've just discovered this phone has a glitch. Whenever I'm looking at my mail and want to click on a link, the mail page freezes. Ugh, I hate it when these things happen. Now I have to GO BACK to the store and deal with it. Does it drive you crazy too??? 

This got me thinking about expectations. Do we expect a lot? Well, sure we do, especially when that item we bought cost us a pretty penny. Now I know that the Apple Store will fix the glitch with my phone right away, but the inconvenience of having to take it back is annoying. I know when I buy a product from Apple, they will stand behind my purchase and make it right. That's one of the reasons I keep buying Apple products. It's a business model I like, and one I've tried to use in my own business practices. 

Like the sweet bear doll I sold with "child safety eyes". How horrified was I when the customer contacted me to let me know an eye had come out???? Yikes! How did this happen? I told her to please mail it to me so I could fix it. Once the bear was back in my nimble fingers, I discovered the problem to be too fine fabric, and the eye made its way out. So I took that sweet pink bear and turned her missing eye into a winking eye with a pirate patch in pinks and green to match the colors of the bear. Then I made her another matching bear with reinforced fabric, ensuring the eyes would not fall out. I mailed off both bears with a refund for her original shipping charge, and hoped she'd be satisfied. A few days later, I received this from her:

"Val, I'm sooooo happy! Honestly you went above and beyond, thank you so much! I appreciate our pirate, she is adorable and of course Buddy Bear is welcomed into our family with love!"

Happy customers are customers who will come back. I know I will receive similar treatment from Apple. So I will return my phone with cheer in my heart. All is good when customers are happy! 😊


Monday, February 29, 2016

A beautiful story

Hi there. I hope you are in the mood for a sweet story. I have wanted to write about this since Christmas. Now seems as good a time as ever :o)

I'd like to introduce you to Nancy. Here she is... (Hi Nancy!)


I met Nancy a few years ago at one of my shows. As normally happens, we got to talking about my work with repurposing old discarded sweaters. Nancy asked me if I would be open to working with her to restore a beloved sweater of hers that she just wasn't ready to part with. I said I'd be happy to give it a go.  

I took Nancy's old sweater and cut away the frayed areas. I dug out my stash of repurposed sweaters, borrowing cuffs and hem border from several other sweaters. I added color, pattern and unique features to Nancy's sweater. I finished the piece by needle felting a lovely simple branch with berries, picking up the new colors I added to Nancy's original sweater. A sweater so beloved and tired was remade into something new and ready for another lifetime of loving. Nancy was thrilled with the job I did for her. Yay!

Fast forward to last Spring. Nancy called on me for ideas of what to do with her Mother's sweater. Her mother knit the sweater and had worn it during Nancy's childhood. We talked over a few options, and decided to try a pillow featuring a Cardinal. I made up the first one. I used the buttons from the sweater as nuts on the tree branches. Nancy was thrilled.

Maybe she didn't cry... but with a tear in her eye, she asked me to make one for each of her sisters for Christmas gifts. 

Christmas came quickly and with juggling all my custom orders and shows meant I forgot to photograph all the pillows. Each one was unique, each so lovely. Nancy shared there would be no packing the pillows away for any of the 5 sisters. These pillows would be "year round" display pillows!

Thank you, Nancy. I loved working with you on this project, as ever. You are so special to me. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's new?

Hey there! What's new with you? I have been up to something new, and wanted to share it with you :o)

My creative brain is always up to something when I least expect it. Lately, these cameo pendants have been showing up on my work table. They are pretty amazing, even if I do say so myself! They have incredible detail for being so small. 

Of course, it make sense that I would begin with bird faces. Even so, I soon moved on to women faces. I had been searching for Picasso art influences on Pinterest, and well, here we are. This is how things go over here.

In one of my MATS classes, I created an illustration of a big lipped woman with a fabulous shade of coral lipstick, and she has stayed with me. 

Starting to create the pendants is an exercise of will over the wool, which resists being tamed by the needle felting needle. And these are so small that I can only use a single needle. My next purchase will involve some extra strength magnifying glasses, that is for sure!

Once finished, I set them into the pendant blanks, and have fun pairing them with some geometric beads I found. I paint the beads to bring out colors in the pendant. I also use some of my crystal beads and lampwork beads I collected during my stint at beading. It's all too fun!

I will be at Glitterfest this coming Saturday. Hope to see some of you there!


Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine Santas?

Silly... I know. Spring Santas? Valentine Santas? You might be asking 'What ... are these and (um) why?'

Well, you may or may not know that I sometimes enjoy making dolls. They started as a way for me to use up some scraps from my scrap bin. I just like making the occasional one or another. But by now, they have taken on a little life of their own. 

Right before Christmas, I experimented with making a couple of Santa dolls. They were well received... They all sold right away. Nice!

Here are the first three. Actually in order of making them, left to right. Each one got much better as I went along, don't you agree? 

The faces are super cute :o)

Well, as things tend to happen, one thing leads to another. Today, they are rather Scandinavian looking, and well, those hearts? Valentines Santas, for sure! I guess it will be A Santa for every Season. Or something like that!

Happy Santa!

Monday, January 4, 2016

A brand new creative year ahead!

Happy New Year, Happy 2016!

I am formulating a few creative goals this year. They are still unfolding as I write this. I find doing this exercise extremely valuable. It serves as a good life and creative guide for my whole new year, for when I'm going along and feel stuck, or just unmotivated, I can reflect on my goals for the year and I can redirect myself. Win win :o)

So far, I am committed to these things for 2016:
  • Choosing the right word for me in 2016. I've narrowed it down to love (as in taking and using care in every aspect of my daily life), or kindness (following up with the Kindness Project I began last summer), or courage (but I think I used this word really well back from 2012 - 2014, before I started setting yearly intentions). 
  • Devoting myself back to my beloved needle felted birds. The one above was created last week, during my thinking process. It is actually so lovely in person that it takes my breath away every time I see it. My, oh my.
  • Working on taking my needle felting up a notch. I am dedicated to getting into one of the American Craft Council shows within the next couple of years. (I'm speaking my intentions out loud here!!!)
  • Sticking with ME. Meaning, I will be taking those things that have worked well for me, and working on them further. Focusing less on listening to others, and less time taking classes taught by others telling me what to do. I think I'm on a path to put all those lessons and ideas into action (whew, finally!)
  • Spending time developing those ideas I have wanted to put into action over the last two years. More online patterns, kits, and ways to share my ideas and love of craft with others. This is gonna be GOOD!
  • Being proud to speak out by sharing my voice, my craft, and my intentions with others. Recently, I have been working on doing this, and it's been going really well. Plus, I have been booked for a creative workshop! Wow! I think it's finally time to really shine :o)

How about you? Have you set some creative intentions (or otherwise) for 2016? I'd love to hear (if you are willing to share, that is). Leave me a comment. Let's do this together. It's a wonderful and brave way to start the new year!


Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Special Holiday Gift

Happy New Year's Eve! 

Today I have something very special to share with you... A Fairy House! This amazing wee fairy home was made by Carol Yamada of Mossy Brae Fairies. It was given to me at Christmas as a gift from my beloved Birdita, my cockatiel who was my special friend and companion for nearly 30 years. Even though this gift was given from beyond the grave... (my husband really rolled his eyes over this tale), it came filled with love and even some fairy dust. It was an amazing moment when I opened the box on Christmas morning, and discovered all the delicacy and care in the world, shining from this amazing house!

Carol makes her fairy houses from treasures found in nature. When I came across her shop, I knew we were kindred spirits indeed, for her beautiful houses called to me like nothing else. So, I simply must be guided by spirits and fairies. This is all there is to it! 

Here is Carol talking about her creative process:
I know that there is a different and kinder energy in Fae worlds than in ours. Each house I make is a portal that invites you to come and gently experience this magical and non-human reality. 
About 5 years ago I started using a wonderfully flexible sand-cast sculpture process that uses a big box of sand as the mold. I can scoop and scrape shapes, imbed all the wall elements into the sand and cast the shape with a porcelain based resin that quickly hardens without any toxic residue. I can create nearly unlimited shapes. I cast the walls individually and assemble them into the house shape which I then fit with a fine cedar roof (usually cedar, sometimes shells or pinecones). 
Each house is totally unique and created with inspiration from the materials used which I gather throughout Washington and Oregon states. I find treasures (ok, sticks and stones and shells, but since I'm part Raven they truly seem like treasures!) from the deep woods, volcanic slopes, rain forests and frigid beaches which bless my home. Each stick and stone is respectfully taken from the environment and approved by my fairy assistants. 

Each side of the house is filled with the most incredible details. Don't you just love that special heart shaped window?! I loved this house in particular because it was made with pine cones and acorn caps, sticks, stones and shells - all the items I love picking up on my own dog walk adventures, and incorporate into my own art. :o) 

You can visit Carol's Etsy shop here and see some amazing fairy houses. She also makes some Fairy Godmother houses, and they take my breath away!

Hope you ring in the New Year with those you love... and a wee bit of fairy dust too!


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year, Happy New News!

Wow, another winter holiday season come and gone... they do fly by so very fast, don't they? I hope your holiday was sweet and memorable. :o)

I'm reeling with excitement over being selected as a "2016 Star of San Diego" by San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles magazine. What an honor! And the article, written by Eva Ditler, is so complimentary and spot on, I might add! I've uploaded the pages extra large in hopes you can read it. If you have trouble, click on the page and it should show up larger for you to read.


I still promise those custom order photos in a future post... Soon, very soon :o)

In the meantime, I hope you have a very safe, happy, festive and healthy start to the New Year... 2016, here we come!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Woodland Holiday

Hi there! I know I promised you pictures of some of my custom orders, but first we simply must enjoy a bit of "Woodland Holiday". Please indulge me as I share some of my favorite needle felts of the season. Surely there's lots more where these came from :o)

I do so love needle felts under a dome, don't you? I had an amazing owl perched on a branch under a dome, but he sold before I could pose him properly. 

This one is a wee gnome home under a dome. Need I say more?...

The woodland needle felts have made a recurrence in my shop, with the addition of Mr. Hedgehog. Half this set has sold, which means I will be making more!

If my boys were still babies, I would certainly be dressing them in sweaters such as this one... love!

Mr. Fox is a cheeky friend who has also made a comeback. Well, certainly...why not?

And, finally, a recap of this stately handsome buck. He has the right idea of how to enjoy the season... right?!

I hope yours is filled to the brim with Merry!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Are we Holly and Jolly yet?

I don't know about you, but all this needle felting has me as holly jolly holiday as I will ever be! Here I am smack dab in the middle of the show season, teaching needle felting classes, home crafting parties, custom orders and more. But I am jolly, jolly, jolly about all of it! It is all good, and I am 

So Thankful :o)

that you all love my craft, and wish to give what I make to your loved ones. 

I wrap up this holiday season with a 4 day handmade holiday pop-up stint at the UTC Mall. I know... The mall, right? Well, I am in business after all. And I am working very hard to get my product out there. So, yes, the mall it is. If you're in the San Diego area, I do hope you will stop by and see me. I will be located in the children's area near Geppetto's. 

And, lastly, I think it would be nice to finish out the year with a parade of some of my custom orders. So, get ready for that coming your way soon.

Happy Holly Jolly to you and yours!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Show Prep

I take my holiday shows so personally.... the way I see it is this is my one chance to reach out to you and share my heart and my creativity. I love doing shows (once I get past the organizational nightmares... literally, I wake up at night with nightmares that I have forgotten all my product. Or worse. Really?)  And the crazy thing is that I am behaving like a real retailer. I stock up for the holidays like nobody's business!

This holiday ushers in a brand new show audience for me. I will be doing Unique LA up in Los Angeles the weekend of Dec 5 and 6, Maker's Arcade in San Diego on Dec 5, and the Stocking Stuffer Pop-Up with The Printed Palette in Del Mar on Dec 12. (Please check out my Events page for a detailed listing of all my upcoming events) I am teaching two brand new classes (details on the Events page too!), and am even participating in a Pop-Up retail event at UTC Mall in San Diego the 4 days before Christmas. All I can say is that I will be one tired pup come December 25! It's all good, though. This is why I do this!

So, I do hope you will mark your calendar if you are in the Southern CA area, and come see me at an upcoming event. And, even though I will be super duper busy, I will try to get back here and post photos of my latest handmade yummies. (please remember you can always see the latest of what I've been up to on my Instagram page :o)


Monday, October 19, 2015

The one BIG Handmade Day is December 5th this year!

I really do think Fall has arrived! Our weather has (finally) cooled off, we've actually had some rainy days (thank you, El Nino) and today, I wore a SWEATER when I left the house! Can you believe it?! I am one who loves warm weather, but I do NOT love weeks worth of humidity (ugh), hordes of summer vacationers making my quaint home town look like main street Disney South, or mosquitos. I definitely hate HATE mosquitos.

So, if you receive my email newsletter (you can sign up for it here- scroll down to see the sign up box) or you can just click on that box to the right --->, you will know that many of the holiday shows I normally attend moved their show dates, and now they ALL are holding their events on December 5th this year. So, that is pretty challenging. First of all, vendors will have a tough time being in more than one place at a time, and the same can be said for shoppers! Really people? Show organizers all vying for the same date? I think we need to change Shop Small Saturday to December 5th this year. It's just cray....

Two of the wonderful shows I normally do are Queen Bee Market and Artisans' Alley in Coronado. Plus, the Talmadge Art Show which takes place the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Well, this year, I am not doing any of those wonderful shows *sniff* BUT, (and it's a good but) I am doing Maker's Arcade AND Unique LA

And, double guess what??? They are BOTH ON THE SAME DAY! Oh, holy heck. How can a person be in two places at one time, let alone 4 or 5? The Handmade Marketplace scene sure is challenging for me this holiday season.

Well, and I have said this before, it's good to have people who have your back. ANd, boy, am I glad I do. I will be at Unique LA with all my Unique woolie goodness, and my faithful assistant, Miss Toshi Awesomeness will be representing me at the Maker's Arcade Market. Whew! I'm glad we could at least make this work out!

So, be sure to mark your calendar, and clear the decks for one big Handmade Day in December- Dec 5, AND be sure to save your pennies and get plenty of rest leading up to that big day! And, don't say I didn't warn you....


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thank you, Glitterfest!

Well, goodness gracious, that Glitterfest show was waaaay too much fun! My assistant extraordinaire, Toshi, and I were amazed at how much this show had to offer; fantastic location, incredible artists/vendors, exceptional products for sale EVERYWHERE, wonderfully supportive shoppers, and the show was fantastically organized! It was a "Wow!😃" around every bend! Here we are at the start of our day...

... Cause, you know, this is how Toshi and I roll... We ARE two glitter babes!

Here are a few more photo snippets for you...

The black cat bag caught everyone's eye!

Mr. and Mrs. Skully kept their eyes on everyone!

I wish I had photographed all the doll vignettes, but alas I did not...

The woodland vignettes are always so popular!

And, last but not least... I'd like to introduce you to Barbara. She proved to be my model extraordinaire for the day. Thank you Barbara!

She looked positively brilliant modeling my gorgeous swing capes. I'm so glad she took this one home. It looked like it was made just for her!

Glitterfest was such fun! Yes, I will be back :o)


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Glitterfest Prep!

Glitterfest is this weekend, and I am getting so ready! This morning, I freshly painted my nails with a nice coat of glitter polish, aren't they pretty?!

Even though I don't normally do more than a few Halloween related pieces, this year, I am doing so many more! Will you look at this Trick or Treat party girl? She's killing me!

Then, there are the skull and pumpkin brooches. I made a few last year, and sold them all. So this year I made more, and even threw in a feisty mustached one. Lol, you've got to love a mustached pumpkin!

And, dolls.... I am smitten with the dolls right now. I have one halloween masked doll, and this Pretty in Pink sweetie. The purse... look at the purse! She's so Vogue :o)

And then there's this Miss Pumpkin doll, who I finished today! Oh my! She's standing in a glitter pumpkin patch! With a sparkle crow friend.... 

Come and see me at this weekend's Glitterfest. I'm sure it is going to be so much FUN!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

I will be at Glitterfest on Oct 10!

Have you heard of Glitterfest? I have heard it is a wonderful show! I have never been to Glitterfest before now, but I am completely smitten with the name. I mean, really? "Glitter-fest" The pictures conjured up in my mind are so sparkle-pretty, I can't bear it!

I will be there, in Sparkle-delight! In fact, I am creating some extra fun pieces with Glitterfest in mind....

Glitter-sparkle Hoops!

Halloween Dolls in Costume :o)

And certainly, I will be sporting Glitter-sparkly fingernails :o)

See you there! (Find out more by clicking the show link here)